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Resources for Trainers and Trainers To-Be

I've included many links to resources in this month's blog posts. Here are a few more (plus pictures of my dog Ralphie)!

Trainer Education

Trainer Jean Donaldson founded the Academy for Dog Trainers in 1999. This intensive course covers all aspects of dog training and behavior modification and offers extensive mentorship both while students are enrolled and after they graduate. All materials remain available to students after leaving with no additional fee, which is good because it is an expensive course. Not all people interested will be accepted.

British trainer and TV host Victoria Stilwell also runs a training school, the Victoria Stilwell Academy. Her trainer program covers the same core material as others like it and pairs students with mentors who work closely with them. The academy's classes are primarily online, but for an additional fee, students can get an in-person component.

Trainer Certification

Learn more about the CCPDT's options including CPDT-KA and CBCC-KA certifications on their website. All the requirements are listed in separate handbooks for each certification.

For more information about the IAABC certification process, check their website. Before you can apply for any of their credentials, you need to become a member.

To become a specialized separation anxiety trainer, you could work with Julie Naismith and become a Certified SA Pro Trainer or with Malena DeMartini and become a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT)

Continuing Education

Grisha Stewart offers many opportunities for continuing education through her website, including a deep dive into her Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) method.

One of my favorite trainers, Leslie McDevitt, offers a training program for her Control Unleashed approach. Graduates become Certified Control Unleashed Instructors (CCUIs).


There are too many training podcasts to list in a blog post! Here are a few of my favorites:

The Bitey End of the Dog is hosted by Michael Shikashio, who runs the Aggression in Dogs Master Course. He interviews guests with a wide range of specialties and discusses many different topics related to aggression in dogs.

The best-named podcast has to be Hannah Branigan's Drinking from the Toilet. She talks about dog training more generally and also interviews a variety of knowledgeable guests.

Behavior Consultant Marissa Martino hosts the Paws and Reward podcast where she focuses on the human-dog connection as well as the human part of the training equation.

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