Booking and Paying

Fees should be paid when you book a session or a class. After booking you will sign the waiver form and then complete the either the private client questionnaire or the group class questionnaire.

Please sign the waiver and complete the questionnaire at least two days before our first session; I will use the information you provide to draft a training plan. If you don’t submit these forms we will spend our first session completing them.

Choosing a Training Option

Book a virtual session if you would like to ask questions or get advice on behavior and training or if you live outside the Portland area.


In-person private sessions are good for dealing with specific behavior issues and training goals and for getting personalized hands-on instruction. The number of training sessions you will need depends on your training goals.


Group classes follow a curriculum designed for multiple dogs learning at once. We focus on broader training such as basic manners rather than individual training goals, though classes can be adjusted if the participants have similar training goals.

Virtual Sessions

When you book the session, you will receive a Zoom link via email. After our session I will send a written summary of what we discussed. I’ll also send a follow-up email to check in and to answer questions.

In-Person Sessions

Unless otherwise specified, I will come to your house for our training sessions. Please prepare plenty of your dog’s favorite treats and have your dog on a leash before I arrive. I’m happy to work with multiple members of your household, though that might mean we cover less in any given session. 

Included in the session cost:

  • An individualized training plan that we design together and revise as we work.

  • Written notes that include detailed descriptions of the training exercises and games we covered in our session along with practicing guidelines.

  • Regular follow-up emails from me to check on progress and to answer questions.

  • Access to the website to submit questions.

Multi-Session Packages

If you have purchased a multi-session package, you will book individual sessions by logging into the site and going to My Bookings. I recommend that you book your sessions close together. Ideally, we will meet weekly or every other week. If you prefer more time between sessions, let me know and I will design the training plan accordingly.


For some training goals like teaching loose-leash walking or refining your dog’s recall, the sessions in the package may be plenty. If you have multiple training goals and/or want to work on more complex behavior issues like reactivity, we will most likely need more than three or four sessions. After you finish the first sessions, you can buy another package or book session by session, whichever option works best for you. There is no limit to the number of packages you can buy.

Group Classes

Proof of vaccination for Bordetella, Distemper / Parvo, and Rabies will be required before your dog can join the class. Please bring copies of your dog’s vaccination records to the first meeting. 


Adult dogs who have no history of aggression toward other dogs or toward people are welcome. Dogs with a history of reactivity would do better with private sessions. If you have any questions about the course, please email me at


Each week we’ll practice what we learned the week before and then work on new cues and training games. I will provide handouts that include detailed notes about our in-class exercises and suggestions for practicing between sessions. Midweek I will send a follow-up email to see how your practice is going and to answer your questions.

Cancellation Policy

If you have to cancel a session, please let me know with at least 48 hours’ notice. Cancellations with less than 48 hours’ notice will incur the session fee. If I have to cancel a session, I will not charge you for the time.

Because Covid-19 cases are surging in Oregon, I’m waiving my cancellation policy. If you or someone in your family feels ill, please don’t hesitate to cancel your session. I won’t charge you even if the cancellation happens within 48 hours.

Covid-19 Precautions

As we move into colder, wetter weather we’ll be conducting more sessions inside. I am fully vaccinated and will wear a mask indoors. I will also wear a mask outdoors if we cannot effectively maintain appropriate distance, or if you prefer masks be worn outdoors as well. I ask that everyone in your household (except for small children) wear a mask when we are indoors.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via the website (the contact form or chat button) or email.