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Does your dog need a little help being alone?

Separation Anxiety Training

Having a dog with separation anxiety can leave you feeling trapped and overwhelmed. But there is treatment and Gentle Beth can help!

This training is entirely virtual so you can be located anywhere.

Gentle Beth offers a twelve-week separation anxiety training package:

  • Close work with a Certified SA Pro trainer.

  • Initial 90-minute online meeting assessment.

  • Five days per week of training plans designed specifically for your dog.

  • Review of short video clips and notes from your training sessions.

  • One weekly 60-minute online check in and training session (total of 11).

  • Access to the Be Right Back separation anxiety training app.

  • Education about separation anxiety, its treatment, and reading your dog’s body language so that you can continue working on your own.

You’ll begin by completing the Separation Anxiety Client Questionnaire. Once I receive your completed questionnaire, I’ll reach out to schedule our first session. Before our first session you can also sign the waiver.


In our first session on Zoom we’ll review the information in the questionnaire, discuss the training, do an assessment to see where we’ll begin our training, and then schedule subsequent virtual trainings. I’ll post your training plans daily, five days a week in the Be Right Back App along with notes for carrying them out.


After you’ve completed your day’s training plan, you’ll send me short videos of your dog from the session and notes about how they did. I use those notes and videos to determine what the next day’s plan will look like.


In our follow-up sessions we’ll your dog’s body language, discuss how to read it during training sessions, and I’ll explain how I decide what to do in subsequent training sessions.


At the end of the twelve weeks, we’ll evaluate your progress and talk about next steps.


Before we begin, I invite you to read my recent blog posts about Separation Anxiety.

Booking & Paying

Fees should be paid when you book. After booking you will sign the waiver form and then complete the separation anxiety questionnaire.

Please sign the waiver and complete the questionnaire at least two days before our first session; I will use the information you provide to draft a training plan. If you don’t submit these forms we will spend our first session completing them.

Cancellation Policy

If you have to cancel a session, please give me at least 48 hours' notice.

Refund Policy

Except in rare cases, there are no refunds.

Vacation Policy

If you take a vacation, no worries! We’ll suspend the plan until you get back so that you get a full twelve weeks of training. It is best to be consistent with your practice, so if you plan to be away multiple times during the 12 weeks, we can discuss alternative strategies.

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