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Management Resources

For this month's final blog post I focus on resources that will help you put management tools and strategies into place.

Some tools, like muzzles and crates, require training before you can use them.

The Muzzle Up Project offers in-depth information about muzzle training, including notes about how to pick the right muzzle and demonstration videos for muzzle acclimation. Education is also a large part of their mission as they work to remove the stigma attached to muzzles so that more people will use them to keep their dogs and others safe.

The Humane Society of the United States offers comprehensive instructions for choosing a crate and helping your dog or puppy acclimate to it. They also explain how not to use your crate and give suggestions for solving crate-training problems.

While baby gates don't require specific training to be effective, there are still considerations to make--like how to pick the right gate for you and your dog based on your dog's size and the gate's ease of use for the human. You can read more about baby gates as management tools in the Whole Dog Journal.

In most of my training plans I recommend using a long-line for sniffy walks and for practicing recall out in the world. Trailblazing Tails does more than make leashes and collars—they also provide educational resources on a wide range of dog and training-related topics. And they have a product line devoted to smaller dogs.

Part of management includes becoming an expert in your dog’s body language. Earlier this year I wrote about dog body language and included some resources so you could learn more.

When you can read your dog’s body language like a pro, you’ll also be able to tell when she is heading toward her threshold. This article from Whole Dog Journal explains how thresholds work, how to keep your dog under threshold, and what to do if she goes over her threshold.

That wraps up Management Month at the Gentle Beth Blog. Next month I'll be writing about one of my favorite topics, enrichment!

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