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Enrichment Resources

This week I’m pointing you to several resources that can help you create excellent enrichment plans for your dog.

I’ve written about Allie Bender and Emily Strong’s book Canine Enrichment in the Real World several times and it remains my favorite resource. Bender and Strong take a deep dive into what enrichment is and how it works, providing inspiration for enhancing dogs' lives and meeting their needs. In 2022 the team published a workbook for trainers and dog guardians that lays out even more clearly how to implement enrichment to change or eliminate behaviors.

The pet enrichment market has exploded in recent years—at your local pet store you’ve no doubt seen lick mats, snuffle mats, and puzzle toys for dogs and cats. But you can also devise your own games using common household items. The ASPCA provides an excellent guide to DIY enrichment.

To learn more about participating in dog sports, check the major associations for more information about treibball, agility, and flyball. You can also discover more about K9 Nosework if you’d like to introduce your dog to this excellent source of enrichment.

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